General FAQs

What is ParkApps?

ParkApps is a collaborative project between Kent State University, the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, and the Cleveland MetroParks and is partially funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation (#1422764). ParkApps NE Ohio is a GPS-enabled, mobile application that provides park visitors with an immersive, informal learning experience; it gives visitors access to just-in-time information as they explore various geologic or historical landscapes and as they encounter unknown plants and animals.

Where can I use ParkApps?

Currently you can use ParkApps in Cuyahoga Valley National Park and the Cleveland MetroParks.

Do I need anything special to use ParkApps?

ParkApps NE Ohio is currently available on the Apple Store. An Android version is forthcoming.

Can I use Park Apps without being online?

ParkApps NE Ohio works best if you are online through cellular service or Wi-Fi. If you decide to use the app offline, we recommend you download all the images while you are connected and before you go to the parks. To do so, click on the menu, select 'About ParkApps,' and then click 'Download All Images.'

What is Learn As You Go?

We have hidden “points of interests” in various places in the parks. When you get close to a hidden point, ParkApps will alert you and you’ll be introduced to hidden content. Once you find a point it will appear on this map so you can return to it to show others. Earn enough hidden points and you’ll earn a special badge.

Please remember that you must be in the “Learn As You Go” menu, you must have location services enabled on your device for this app, and you must have your device notifications turned on for this feature to work. Learn As You Go points will not appear on this map until they are ‘discovered’ by the user. For a hint, send a tweet to @appsforparks asking for help. Use the #learnasyougo hashtag.

What are Adventure Tracks?

Adventure Tracks allow park visitors to explore content within the trails. For instance, you can take a hike on the Ledges Trail to learn about “life on the ledges.” You can walk Beaver Marsh to learn more about ecology in the marshes.

You must be in an adventure track, you must have location services enabled on your device for this app, and you must have your device notifications turned on for this feature to work. If you want to use this feature without cellular or wifi, you must pre-download all the images before you go to the park. You can do that in the 'About ParkApps' settings (upper right menu) under 'Data Cache.'

When you are in your Adventure Track, ParkApps will send you notifications when you have entered a geofenced area. You can then stop and move to the side of the trail to learn more about the place you have entered. ParkApps is set up to ask interactive questions about science content. At the end of each Adventure Track, you earn a digital badge.

To update the adventure tracks without waiting for a new release, please 'swipe down' on the Adventure Tracks menu.

I am interested in Citizen Science. How should I contact you?

Citizen science projects provide an opportunity for park visitors to help scientists create new knowledge. If you are a scientist and want to propose a project, please contact us at

How can I earn badges?

Currently, you can earn digital badges by completing Adventure Tracks and finding Learn As You Go points.

How can I contact you if I have a technical problem or support issue?

If you have a technical problem or support issue, please contact us by completing the ParkApps Tech Request Form or send us an email